July 27, 2011

A Glimpse of A Better Future – Ban On Napoleon Trade and Non Destructive Fishing Method.

After years of over exploitation, low yields of stocks has diminished the LRFFT in western Indonesia and slowed it down in central and eastern Indonesia . To solely blame everything that went wrong to the existence of Napoleon fish is unfair, but the pattern is clear that whenever Napoleon fish exist with an airport nearby, devastation of coral reef is guaranteed. Not to ban Napoleon trade with an excuse of fishermen livelihoods are complete bollocks (sorry!), because LRFFT, can be thriving in some places that are using good fishing and handling practices and where there is high conservation awareness evident from actors in the supply chain.

Collaborations that connect businesses and governments along the supply chain are a necessary step towards reducing overfishing and destructive fishing. These include forging trade alliances, promoting best practices for fish caught in the wild as well as increased production of reef food fish from sustainable full-cycle marine culture, as well as helping consumers and businesses navigate their way towards sustainably sourced fish. Despite resolute efforts over past decades to reduce impacts of the LRFFT it continues to pose major challenges for the future sustainable use of this resource. While NGOs and others maintain ongoing programs to address trade concerns, there remains a need for a more concerted effort to forge partnerships with those that matter; business, industries and governments to support action at a scale that matters.

Napoleon fish could be left alone without significant decrease in fishermen’s income. It is NOT an impossible feat and it is proven. The key word is: awareness. UNLESS there is a comprehensive regional effort to create the synergistic result needed to affect the entire supply-demand chain, and bring together all the players in all countries involved in LRFFT in the Coral Triangle… THE SEA AND THE LIVELIHOOD AROUND IT WILL BECOME SILENT.

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